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18 august 2014

Parent Heart Watch

CHEEKTOWAGA, NY- 50 automated external defibrillators were donated to volunteer fire companies Monday night in honor of a five-year-old girl who passed away from sudden cardiac arrest.

In the the 13 years since her daughter Madison's death, Suzy McCarthy has placed hundred of AEDs across Western New York through the work of the Madison McCarthy Cardiac Care Coalition for Children foundation.

"So far in New York State we saved 96 lives and 49 have been children, just in a school setting," Suzy McCarhty said.

07 june 2013

"04" of  June 2013, with the assistance of "Crystal Heart" firm "Zoll Medical Corporation", represented by the head of the Moscow office of the corporation Julia Gromyko, gave free Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) children's school of Olympic reserve named Gomelsky. President of the "Crystal Heart" Lesnitskaya Marina held a training session on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) using AEDs among the medical staff of the school. Present: nurse Romanov ES , masseur physiotherapist Merzlov VV, nurse physiotherapy Medvedchikovo NI, orthopedic Pankratov MV etc. We now worry about our future Olympians, as in all competitions for young skaters, basketball players, swimmers and dancers, will now be present competent medical personnel properly trained to provide the necessary assistance with the use of AEDs in the event of cardiac arrest in young athletes.

Volunteer Beata Kurchin.

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Children's arrhythmias

Children's arrhythmia is quite wide spread – it s third for frequency after the arterial hypertension and heart-deceases, and often it is not the predominant cardiological diagnosis. Children's arrhythmia is often revealed accidentally because children, unlike adults, don't complain even in case of serious defects of heart rhythm, because they don't feel these defects.

The main sequences of arrhythmia in babyhood may be:

  • Apnoea
  • Occasional blanching and occasional blue color of skin
  • Causeless worry
  • Food refusal, hypostenic suckle, bad body weight gain
  • Bad sleep, frequent wakening, night crying.

For an aged child symptoms of arrhythmia are following:

  • Faintings
  • Bad tolerance for physical exercise
  • Strong fatigability
  • Sense of abnormalities of heart rhythm.